Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election Time Is Coming!

A Week from today, many of us will go to the polls and take a dump. Please don't do that. I've got plenty of pay stalls at my toilet emporium in downtown Norfolk to serve everyone. I realize that those of us who feel compelled to make plop plops in the voting stall are making a political statement. But there is no need for that. Vote responsibly.

And voting responsibly means voting as close to Libertarian as you can. "Libertarian And Things", right? The Tea Party people are on the absolutely right track. But their method is to put the Republicans back in power, most of whom will be the conventional "me too" type. But this time, I pray thee, oh Lord, that the Republican Party sees that the Tea Party and conservatives and libertarians who make up this wave to wash away the scum is serious this time, now more than ever.

One more chance for the GOP. One more goddamndiddly chance, or they're out, and if the Libertarian Party cannot pick up the slack, than we'll form a third party that will make Ross Perot's couple of runs look like a tea party. But one where little girls sit around and talk about boys. If the Republicans win the House, and if providence provides, also wins the Senate, and goes back to playing footsie with the Barney Franks of the world (I don't even allow that in my own toilets) then there will be, mind you, folks, must be, a real revolution to reform the government of The United States into the constitutional institution it was meant to be.

Damn. Oh damn. I worry so about my beautiful nation becoming a third world and third rate nation, and watch countries like China beat the capitalist shit out of us. And then when capitalism, real live exciting free markets, like the ones that made our bones right here, make China a free, democratic, and most powerful country in the world, whatta we gonna do down here on the farm?

Wave bye bye, baby. Vote responsibly on election day. Make love to our country.

Joe Postove


Blogger phil said...

I will vote! If I can pull myself away from the TV long enough. Right now Eb and Hank Gimble are sharing(creepy!) a bed while Arnold has his own bed in a motel on their trip to D.C. Later, Mrs. Douglas is going to drop in on the President for lunch because he invited her awhile back.
This I have to watch, Joe, because I no longer have cable tv since the depression hit.

But I will vote!

Dan Coats(R) seems to be a shoo-in here, but there is a Libertarian, Rebecca Sink-Burris, that I might consider.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Lil' Joey said...

Hey, Phil, I don't have cable either, but I listen to NPR. That way, I'll know what to do.

The opposite, of course.

Asw far as Eb and Hank, well, I always hoped there might be a girl out in Hottersville waiting for him. But, look....Hank is better than Arnold.

Damn thing's a pig.

Vote responsibly! And remmeber me me in your will. I need a handle for one of the plop stations.


4:28 AM  

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