Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I just voted. The polling stall is just down the block from the library, so I decided to vote first then do my Eric Sevareid bit afterwards.

There wasn't much of a crowd. It took about 10 minutes for me to get my ballot. And get this, my peeps, I did something today, that I haven't done in many many years. No, not that, I do that every day. The other thing. I voted straight Republican EVEN though there was a Libertarian on the ballot. WE call it Libertarianism And Things for a reason, and I probably broke a few hearts today. But here's why.

I've been convinced that the Tea Party, being a VERY VERY good influence on the old, me too, tired Republicanism, can turn this party around, give it a good push towards real liberty, and many libertarians will gather round, and perhaps coalition with a Tea Party dominated GOP. We must now pray.

Also, this is the last chance for the Republican Party. I will, and many of the important people in my coterie will forever and always leave the Republicans if they can't get it straight this time. This is the most important mid-term, perhaps the most important election, all said, in more than 30 years. The United States Of America will die a slow, meandering death, if the Party of Lincoln disappoints us again.

Anyone there? This is the last chance. Of course we can't do everything at once (believe me...I tried it once and I got my pushky all tied up with my kiddish). But with Tea Party-Libertarians with a significant presence in the party, we can immediately start to turn this once great nation back to the ethics of our founding fathers, and return us to the free nation we were meant to always be.

If you haven't voted yet, please go and do so now. But if you ain't going to vote properly, I hear there are scads of good TV shows on tonight. Stay home and grab some tube.

And so, tomorrow we'll know. May God have mercy on the freedom lovers, and have at it with the socialists.


Joe Postove


Blogger phil said...

I voted. It felt good. But the lady checking my photo ID said I was still ugly.

One thing never changes.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Lil' Joey said...

My lady said i was an illegal alien.

Alien, sure...illegal, never!


4:33 AM  

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