Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A New Beginning. Let Us Come Together.

The title says it all. I cribbed the last part from a Nixon campaign poster. We did quite well last night. Not the complete blowout I was hoping for. Harry Reid got reelected, and the Democrats keep the Senate. But we did get 60 more "R's" in the house for a nice majority. The buildup was so big, I was thinking way more. Like a thousand extra house seats, and maybe ten thousand Senate pickups, but it was not to be.

As our collectivist enemies like to say about their stuff, let me say; this is a good first step. I found it neat that 53% percent of those who voted (polled of course) had a negative attitude towards the Republican Party. AND, 53% of those polled had negative feelings towards the Democratic party. Sounds like like hot nuts for a real nice, strong third party if the GOP can't get down to business and obey the dictates of the Tea Party.

The GOP is rich now, and connected in cool ways. We have, basically, traditional conservative pinstripes, libertarian leaning philosophers, and Tea Partiers, who stride, com se com sa', the middle of the two. Forget about any Republican stragglers, who still think Jacob Javits was a comer. The party is now conservative-libertarian (oh, what about my precious Libertarian Party...where shall they go? What shall they do?) and can be poised, if it has the balls, to revolutionize government.

Do they got the balls, Manny? Nixon had balls. But he was a criminal. The next two years will tell the story. The Tea Party, I predict, will remain as active as they have been these last two years, pushing hard, standing in the GOP doorway to keep the scaredicats who promised us that they would take off the shakles and RADICALLY reform the mess they have created from escaping. We have to clean up this mess. We made it.

By the way, did you know that Virginia state law requires that all pay toilets have to close on election day? I was smelling fried chicken all day. Some lady before me at the voting stalls shit in her pants, and smeared it on the ballot. I guess she thought they would take her more seriously that way.

Remember. We are now in the "good first step" phase to reverse the tragic course of government over the last 80 or more years.

Let's move!

Joe Postove


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