Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Shooting

This week everyone is saying everything they can so that they can point all of their fingers at the political ideology who drove this guy to the event, helped him load the gun, and kill six people (including a nine year old girl and a retired conservative judge). It is as if the idiot pundits, particularly the left, but all of those trash talkers, wait for something like this to happen (or a terrorist event, or bombing a Federal building and such) so they can step up and say "told you"! I TOLD YOU! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?
Listen to Rush Limbaugh, and go immediately to the front of the line to kill and maim. That's what the haters want, no?

I would from time to time have discussions with folks about libertarianism and Ayn Rand, just to name a couple of specifics. Time after time seemingly intelligent people would bray at the very mention of her name, and call her a fascist, Nazi, and all around bad girl. These same people, who mostly love government more than they could ever love another human being would take my beliefs about liberty and libertarianism, and how I would like to see them incorporated into a free world and twist my words into hate speak. I never spoke hate in my life.

The Tea Party, conservatives, libertarians, and assorted allies are in agreement about one thing above any disagreements on details they may have. They all want smaller government, less force and threats of violence, which is the only way the state gets what it wants and survives to live another day to get it some more. We, especially we libertarians, have philosophically renounced the use of force to achieve political goals. We participate in government, in the democratic process, as a compromise, to avoid anarchy, which does lead to true fascism.

Back to Ayn Rand. Fundamental to her philosophy of life was that the initiation of force was immoral. That force was only justified in response to its prior initiation and only in its proper proportion. So the next time you hear some nut go off about how the anti-government wackos are dangerous, remember we are the ones who believe in the constitutional limitation of government, maximization of freedom, and one day, not in my lifetime, I'm sure, bringing about a society that does not have as its core value the use of government as the Godhead of civil society.

Please remember. Only government has a monopoly on the legal use of the initiation of force and violence. That is what we want to diminish. We are the ones who want to lay down our guns, and bring about a truely free state of the people.

We want a government small enough so that we are not terrified by it.



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