Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hurray For WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is doing great work in finally, perhaps, having the government understand that we are the masters and the G-Men are the servants. For the entire history of this nation along with other mischievous states around the world, we have, under the cover of "national security", "executive privilege", "top secret clearance", and all of the other bullshit the government hides from the people who pays the bills, become detached from the original intent of our founders, to be in large part, a business model in this respect, for the non-interference in the affairs of other nations around the world, affairs which have no bearing on the business of the United States.

The opposition to the leakers say that lives, reputations, and the ability of our "diplomats" to keep secret the identities of informants is in great peril because now the people of this nation know much more about what CIA, State Department, and other rouge outfits in this country are doing under our signature. Men, everyday our nation puts in grave danger military around the world in and out of combat. That argument won't wash. The greatest threat to the safety of the people of this country is our leaders engaging shady characters to pull out information from their supposed allies, and give it to us. The idea that we are putting foreign agents at risk is bogus. If we could not engage the agents in the first place, if indeed they believed that their lives could be in danger, and talking to U.S. spies would be harmful to their health, then maybe we couldn't commit this country to operations we shouldn't be involved in, in the first place.

A fresh, free, flow of information would make the average Pakistani think twice before becoming allied with United States undercover operations. And maybe we could leave the rest of world to clean up their own garbage that we only make worse by spreading around the shit.

Vivi WikiLeaks.!


Blogger phil said...

I don't know. You present some well-taken thoughts and conclusions, but there's something so sinister to me about this guy releasing info at this time, especially knowing how he hates us and this is his version of throwing a trash can through the window of the State Department.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Lil' Joey said...

Phil, I do understand where you are coming from and what you mean.

However, after all the secrets and all of the wars, not to mention the looted treasure of the citizenry, and the hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest cut down before they could take a drink, I'm kind of glad there is someone out there with guts enough to throw a trash can through the State Department window.

I, myself have had enough of our "diplomats" raking our country clean of its once great ideals and reputation, and cloaking all of it, ALL OF IT!, in "executive privilage", "top secret clearence", "military intelligence" and the rest. A free country ought not to be in the dark so much.

Radical? Sure. Hates us? Not us, pal. Hates where our folks of statecraft have put this great nation, and the peril we all are in because of it.

Great minds do disagree, though. Thanks.


8:00 AM  

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