Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...In Jail!

So here we are again, kin. My most wonderful time of the year! If you're Andy Williams or a cool fart like him. But for us little 'un's and Jews who have to brace ourselves for the coming season of Christmas light and charity, I say get out of town while we can still hold onto our pupicks.

Its not that I don't like this winter season of faith and charity and goodwill to men. I just don't like the hypocrites who, like all of the white men who have advanced in this world by keeping their boot on my neck, treat us like the little shitties we may very well be. And then come the "holidays" and these very same guys who treat me like a free toilet (no respect for free toilets in this sector of Virginia) all year, suddenly turn into Christians, talk to me like I'm human, look interested in my thoughts and Judaism, and then, before you can piss into an empty beer can on New Years Eve, they knock a block our heads again to start the new year.

Fug 'em. Like Nixon would say about his enemies, just fug 'em. I'm going to spend my precious holiday with old man Swanson down by the microwave, then maybe go across the street to the gas station across the street from my house, have a banana Poopsicle, jump on the bell robes (I do so love that..the man comes out..and get this!...there's no car there!). I'll probably end the festivities with a full blown 10 center at my Pay Toilet Stalls in downtown Norfolk, where I'll stink up the world to my heart's content, and just fug 'em.

Fug 'em.

Happy holidays, bitch. In Jail!



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