Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan And Me

I feel like a heel writing about my own good luck while listening to the radio and reading the papers about the catastrophe in Japan.

I went to the ear doctor yesterday, and he didn't torture me (made me pay...what is this socialism?). Unlike the emergency room attendant who put some kind of big long stick all the way down my ear and twisted and turned the thing like Chubby Checker fucking Miss America, the real doctor put a little suction tube into the really bad ear (my hearing was really wanting, and the pressure was, well, pressuriffic) and sucked (I hope) all of the wax out of my ear. I can hear. I SAID I CAN HEAR! Damn, you folks ain't paying all of the attention I need to get by. So get in my car, and just listen.

Now, in the day since the doctor righted me, I am just nervous about the wax coming back. Certainly I'll stay away from Johnson Wax stores and automatic wax machines, as well as Waxy Berstein, an old friend from school, who now, I will unfortunately have to drop. I am not taking any chances, you people who love and respect me (ok like me...this ain't Facebook).

But I am playing with myself. WHAT! Get that dirt out of your head Mommy, and think upright. I mean that I put a hand over one ear, then another hand (I have the two) over the other ear (two of them too) to test my hearing. I have a feeling I'm going to be alright, but I need to test things, to make sure.

Now...may God have love and mercy on Japan. Back to the radio!



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